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“Please, your bets,” I announced again and dealt the cards, putting myself an ace.

- What are you doing there? - Through his teeth, Rimbaud commented on my luck, nahmu-

grimacing, he looked at his cards, and with displeasure threw them to me along with five hundred dollars

The jeweler smiled condescendingly and continued the game.

“A decoration is always a miracle,” he said dreamily. - And with a red diamond -

double wonder. What kind of eyes does your girl have? Tell me about her.

- Why? – got even more nervous man. - Are you a doctor? Will you treat her?

– Don’t tell me, don’t tell me… Jewelers sometimes treat women’s hearts better than doctors, –

the old man smiled meaningfully.

Still, the old man had a full house26- a pair of fours and three tens.

“Congratulations,” Rimbaud shook hands with the jeweler admiringly. “Money obviously loves you.



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